SCS Lectures

Singapore Cardiac Society - Annual Scientific Meetings

Singapore Cardiac Society Lecturers and Topics since 1988

No. S.C.S. Lecturer Year Topic
1 Dr Charles Toh 1988 National Cardiac Care in Singapore
2 Prof. Chia Boon Lock 1989 Ventricular Arrhythmias in Health and Diseases
3 Dr Tan Ngoh Chuan 1990 The Changing Face of Cardiothoracic Surgery
4 Dr Joseph Sheares 1991 Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery : Venous Vs Arterial Conduits
5 Dr Richard Ng 1992 Coronary Angiography and Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA ) : A 12 year and 8 year experience and followup at Mount Elizabeth Hospital
6 Dr Wu Dar Ching 1993 New Developments in Cardiac Surgery
7 Dr Arthur Tan 1994 Controversies in Cardiology
8 Dr Maurice Choo 1995 Cardiology from the Beatles to the Boyz
9 Dr Low Lip Ping 1996 From Nitrates to Nitric Oxide : An Explosive Story
10 Dr Susan Quek 1997 The Story of Echocardiograhpy - From Milestones to Challenges
11 Dr Saw Huat Seong 1998 Separating Science from Gimmickry
12 Dr Lee Chuen Neng 1999 The Trials and Tribulations of a Cardiac Surgeon
13 Dr Peter Yan 2001 Coronary Artery Disease 2001 AD - A Century of Advancement ( Evidence-Based Strategies in Dealing with CAD in the 21st Century )
14 Dr Tong Ming Chuan 2002 Education, Discipline, Innovation - in the Cardiac World
15 A/Prof. Koh Tian Hai 2003 Interventional Cardiology over the last 2 decades - Personal perspective
16 A/Prof. Lim Yean Teng 2004 From Q-wave Myocardial Infarction to ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction - New Wine for Old Bottle?
17 Dr C. Sivathasan 2005 Heart Devices : Rescue to Destination
18 Dr Terrance Chua 2006 Imaging for Ischaemia :Insights from Stress Scintigraphy
19 Dr Teo Wee Siong 2007 Role of Interventional Electrophysiology in Cardiology-Past, Present and Future
20 A/Prof. Tan Huay Cheem 2008 Management of Coronary Artery Disease in the 21st Century
21 A/Prof. William Yip 2009 Paediatric Cardiology in Singapore: A Personal Journey and Reflection
22 Dr Chua Yeow Leng 2010 Delirium Cordis, Hot Spots, Hot Wires and Mazes: The Story of Atrial Fibrillation
23 Dr Philip Wong 2011 Cardiovascular Translational Research; Bringing Ideas from Bench to Clinic
24 A/Prof Ling Lieng Hsi 2012 Mitral Valve Prolapse – The Past, Present and Future
25 A/Prof Lim Soo Teik 2013 Landscapes of Interventional Cardiology
26 A/Prof Kenny Sin 2014 Interventional Cardiology in the 21st Century, A Surgeon's Perspective
27 A/Prof Quek Swee Chye 2015 Advances in Pediatric Cardiovascular Medicine: The-State-of-Art
28 A/Prof Tan Ru San 2016 NOACs: Coming of Age
29 A/Prof Poh Kian Keong 2017 Contemporary Management of Aortic Stenosis and Beyond
30 A/Prof Ding Zee Ping 2018 65 Years of Echocardiography, Past, Present and Beyond

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