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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of the Singapore Cardiac Society (SCS), it is my privilege to invite you to the 27th Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) which will be held on 18 and 19 April 2015 at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore. Building on many years of success, the SCS ASM continues to be one of the most established medical conference locally and in the region.

The field of Cardiology is seeing great advances in the recent years. With the theme “State-of-the-Art in Cardiovascular Care”, we hope to encapsulate the exciting developments and challenges in Cardiovascular Medicine for the upcoming ASM.

We have put together a comprehensive programme focused on bringing you the latest knowledge to improve care to your patients. Through dedicated symposiums, international and local experts will be discussing selected hot topics in the areas of antiplatelet therapy, intervention in coronary artery disease, stroke prevention, cardio metabolic risks, new anti thrombotics, pulmonary hypertension, electrophysiology and advanced imaging.

The SCS is honored to collaborate with the Chapters of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery, Academy of Medicine Singapore, to present a joint symposium on advanced heart failure therapies. A key highlight of the ASM is the SCS ECG symposium, where fundamental principles and interesting cases will be discussed. In addition, the ASMallows you to present your best science to a panel of distinguished Cardiologists and Scientists from Singapore and the region.

The ASM promises to be enriching, interactive and stimulating, and will be particularly relevant to all medical, nursing and allied health professionals who are interested in the latest advances in cardiovascular care.

I look forward to your participation in the 27th ASM.

Dr Joshua Loh

Consultant Cardiologist

National University Heart Centre, Singapore

Asst. Professor

Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore


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